About us

Welcome to the Tlicho Online Store!  We are native owned and native operated. 

The Tlicho Online Store was the idea of the Tlicho Government and the Tlicho Community Services Agency to promote awareness of the Tlicho culture and peoples. To advance, foster, encourage and promote the cultural and social interests of the Tlicho People to rest of Canada. The Tlicho Online Store Official opened online on August 31, 2008. The Tlicho Online Store is under the care and conrol of the Tlicho Investment Corporation which is owned by the Tlicho Government for the Tlicho people

In 2012 our product line expanded to include:

• Dene Artists
• Inuvialuit Artists
• Northern Artists from the Northwest Territories
• Native American Artists from Canada.

*All items on the store state the maker, and where the artist is from.