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Dene Beaded Moccasin Slippers
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Dene Beaded Moccasin Slippers
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Caribou Cardholder
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Caribou Cardholder
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Welcome to the Tłı̨chǫ Online Store, selling handmade authentic native art and crafts made by the Tłı̨chǫ, including First Nations and artists from the Northwest Territories. 

"Look for the Mark"
When you see the NWT Arts mark on a product, service or performance you can rely on its authenticity. This government sponsored program gives consumers confidence and supports our local artists.

Recent Articles

Please welcome Naomi Bourque to the Tlicho Online Store.
September 02, 2014

Naomi is inspired by the land: its organic shapes, colours, and textures, along with its literal offerings – the landscape, the flora, the fauna, and the animals that inhabit it. She has always been inspired by her cultural heritage and...

Celebrating Indigenous International Day
August 09, 2014

On August 9th people around the world celebrate international day of the World's Indigenous People!

If you are on NWTHwy3 visit us in Behchoko!
July 30, 2014

  If you are exploring our northern highway 3 or caught waiting for the road to open because of the NWT fire, come visit us in Behchoko - click here for directions! 

Use of Quills by Creations for Continuity
July 28, 2014

"My art explores and blends my own culture with my current diverse urban surroundings. Respecting tradition and keeping it alive through art drives my creative process. I am also intrigued and inspired by the evolution within the art of aboriginal...