Use of Quills by Creations for Continuity

Posted on July 28, 2014 | 0 Comments

"My art explores and blends my own culture with my current diverse urban surroundings. Respecting tradition and keeping it alive through art drives my creative process. I am also intrigued and inspired by the evolution within the art of aboriginal communities when exposed to new materials and techniques. For example, the northern Athabaskan exposure to European beads which resulted in a whole new form of art – beadwork.

Over the years, as beadwork became more popular and easier to work with, the art of quillwork slowly began to diminish. In a similar way to the northern athatbaskan I also aim to combine this modern form of adornment with the old – Quillwork, in order to carry on the legacy of our elders while combining new designs and techniques of my own.”

Caroline Blechert of Creations for Continuity

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