At the Cando Conference in Winnipeg, MB

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Attending the 20th Annual National Conference, celebrating Effective Partnerships at the Fort Garry Hotel. Come down and visit.  Always happy to talk about the Tlicho Online Store with people. Make sure to visit the artisans area, they have some beautiful items, and are here until Thursday at the Fort Garry Hotel.

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Dene Artist, Dora Duncan

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Dora Duncan of the Sahtu Region from Colville Lake, NWT., now residing in Alberta but still spends much of her time in Norman Wells and Colville Lake, NWT. She grew up learning her art from her mother and relatives. Thankful to all who taught her the best of their art and designs. Learned herself mostly by watching others work, visual art. Happy and enjoying the work that was demonstrated and shared with her.
Her latest creation - beaded coasters reflect her creativity and innovation of her distinctive Sahtu style. 

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The Art of Drum Making - VIDEO

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Great video on drum-making workshop held at the Ekati Diamond mine in the Northwest Territories. Features Philip and Rosa Huskey of Behchoko, NT. 

The video shows how wood and caribou hide are used to make the drums. It also explains the integral role of the drum in the Tlicho way of life and sense of community, and offers an example of the importance of the oral tradition in Aboriginal culture.

Throughout the video, the elders speak in Tlicho. Subtitles are provided.  See the FULL VIDEO HERE

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Feature Artist: Ray McSwain

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Ray is a young artist living in Edzo. He graduated from the Chief Jimmy Bruneau Regional High School and completed a certificate in Jewellery and Metalwork from Aurora College in 2000. Ray has been painting for the last 20 years and creates pictures, murals, art on paddles, and even art for motor vehicle front grills. His works are currently on display in the Chief Jimmy Bruneau School in Edzo, the Range Lake North School in Yellowknife and in BHP Billiton and Diavik Diamond Mines offices in Yellowknife. He has illustrated a children’s book of Tlicho legends which is to be published this year.

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Feature Artist: James Wedzin

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James is a Tlicho artist from Behchoko, NT. He was born and raised by his grandmother in the community of Behchoko, Northwest Territories. James praises his grandmother for inspiring and encouraging his early interest in traditional art. He watched her intricate bead work endlessly and developed his own sense of style in Art.

He started at age four and by age fourteen his talents developed to the point that his art work was a demand. He started selling his creations and became a full-time artist.

Today, you can find James work in galleries and in the hands of many private collectors. James is on of the better known aboriginal artists in Canada for his Northern landscapes, animal imagery and Northern lights.

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Feature Artist: Archie Beaulieu

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Archie Beaulieu is a well established artist with an international reputation who lives in Behchoko. Beaulieu's images primarily depict the animals of northern Canada and the traditions of the Dene people. When asked where he gets his ideas for his printings, Archie replied; "I get a lot of my ideas when I am out on the land. Sometimes, I even get them from my dreams." Over the past twenty years, his works have been exhibited all over North America, and have won several major awards.

His originals can be found in the collections of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and Pope John Paul II. Paintings and prints have been purchased by members of government, dignitaries, corporations and collectors worldwide. His work can be seen and purchased at Nor-Art International Gallery in Yellowknife, NT. See their site at or call toll-free 1-866-233-4533. Archie Beaullieu  Contact the artist: Archie Beaullieu Behchokö, NT X0E 0Y0 Telephone: E-mail: A portfolio of my work:

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