Celine Mackenzie Vukson will be having a trunk show at Baker Centre, in Yellowknife, at 730pm tonight (May 8, 2014)

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Show is entitled Incorporating Gondi (stories) and Narratives into Quilting: Dene Rose and Landscapes. 

Celine Mackenzie Vukson is a Tlicho mother, scholar, artist, and a quilter who incorporates narratives, Tlicho and Dene heritage into her quilts to tell a life story, gondi, or a traditional story. Born and raised in Behchoko, Celine first began quilting in Yellowknife in 1979 when she worked as CBC Tlicho reporter during the Mackenzie Valley Berger Inquiry. To relax from work then, Celine borrowed a friend's quilt magazine and tried her hands with a Grandmother's Fan pattern. Today, Celine uses her Journalism, photography, travel, and beadwork experiences to hold workshops and create original quilt designs. Celine's uses traditional and multi-techniques that also draw from oral history, Indigenous methodology, and a landscape of memories of whaa (long ago) as told in the Tlicho languages by Tlicho elders. Celine's work seeks to honor the creativity, resilience, and energy of the Tlicho and Dene ancestors and peoples.

A PhD candidate, Celine currently studies at Trent University with the Indigenous Studies PhD program in Peterborough. A strong advocate of the revitalization of culture and language, Celine has received several scholarship awards. In 2011, Celine received a MA degree from Trent University's Canadian Studies and Native Studies in which her thesis focused on gowhaedo gondi (our ancestors’ stories). In 2008, Celine achieved a BA Honors degree from Wilfrid Laurier's Contemporary Studies, General Anthropology and Minor Indigenous Studies. Celine is an active member of the Trent Evening Quilters, Kawartha Truth and Reconciliation Support Group, Aboriginal Education Council, Trent Indigenous Women Symposium, and with other groups. Celine lives in Brantford with her husband Paul Vukson of thirty-four years of marriage and visits her four grown children and grandchildren as often as she can.

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